Dream Another Dream: Ramblings of a colorblind photographer

Goondock Jeff
14 October
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Born Jeffrey Allen Wallen my enitials J.A.W seem to be a humourous foreshadowing of my nervous talking habits. I am a photographer, dreamer, and like Jack Kerouac, A true wanderer of life. I spent 7 years of my life living in fear with a social anxiety disorder and now that I have overcome it I am doing my best to make sure I see as much of this world and live as much of this life as I can before its over. Kerouac once said "I see life as a vast and glowing empty page, and I can fill it however I want." This made sence to me so now I live by it. I grew up your stereo typical latch key kid of the 1980's as my parents went through the big "D" when I was just 6. For many folks my age I think the 80's as a decade has turned out to be a bit like having gum in your hair. Its a bitch getting rid of it. Great times but dammit let it go for fucks sake already! Heh, im one to talk.
skiiing in the winter